Reminder: All students will need to purchase an Agenda for $8, a locker for $5 and dividers for their 3″ binder for $2. This will help keep students organized throughout the school year.

Teachers are in great need of Kleenex for the school year! Please donate some to your child’s first hour teacher.

Language Arts students will need to bring their Composition Notebook to school by Monday so that we can start using them in the classroom.  I have collected them from many of the students and am writing their name on them in permanent marker and then putting them in crates so that we can use them daily throughout the school year.

In Language Arts class today we spent some time going over the Team Handbook and discussing the School Wide Discipline Policy and the Mark System. Students homework tonight should be to get the last three pages of the Team Handbook filled out and return this to their first hour teacher tomorrow (Friday).

Tomorrow we will be going over the syllabus and classroom procedures. Homework over the weekend is for the student to sign the last page of the syllabus and to have a parent/guardian signature as well. This sheet can be cut off and returned to me when they see me in class on Monday.

~Mrs. Finley