I have attached a copy of the Summer Reading Rubric so that you can see how I will be grading this assignment. It is broken down into three categories: Ideas and content, organization, and conventions. Reminder: The project is due on Friday, October 5.

Summer Reading Rubric


Today in class students were assigned new seats! I like to change up the classroom environment often so that students are able to work with new people and learn from one another. If there is ever a problem with their seat you can e-mail me or ask your student to speak with me in person. We also read a fable and made inferences about the fable using the “Ice Cream Inferences” worksheet attached below. Students have homework tonight that is due tomorrow.

1st Hour: Finish the worksheet we started in class.

2nd, 5th & 7th Hours: Choose either “The Lion and the Hare” or “The Boar and the Fox” and fill out the “Ice Cream Inferences” worksheet.

Ice Cream Inferences

Ice Cream Inference Three Fables