Today we finished making inferences about our native Alaskan story. The students worked in a group together and practicing being anthropologists to come up with these inferences. They are doing a great job with inferencing!

I have graded all of the “Ice Cream Inferences” homework assignment and they are uploaded to Infinite Campus. I make comments on all of their grades so that way I know exactly why the student scored what they did and you know why as well. This helps me keep track of their progress in class. I have several no name papers so some students that I have entered a 0 for may have one of these papers and I will fix their grade after discovering the owner. I am now working on the “Cinnamon Challenge” homework assignment.

Anytime a student does not do his or her best work I will ask that they “redo” or “fix” the assignment and earn full credit (if the assignment was late they can still receive full credit up to a 75%). This does not mean that they have to redo the whole paper, only the questions that are wrong. I think that we can all learn from our mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. I want my students to learn the material and to help them so that they can be proficient in seventh grade. The student fixes only the mistakes and turns it back in for me to grade and ammend their grade.

No homework tonight except to continue to work on the Summer Reading Project due October 5!

Tomorrow we will begin MAP testing. Please encourage your student to get to bed early tonight and to eat breakfast in the morning. It is really important that the teachers get good data on the students to know exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are and how we can help them to be more proficient readers.

~Mrs. Finley