Today we are taking the reading MAP test all day. Students will begin the test today and finish on Tuesday, September 4. Please talk to your child about their MAP score and ask them how they did.

About MAP: The reading MAP test is 43 multiple choice questions taken in front of a computer. Each reading question comes with 1 multiple choice question, therefore the reading test can especially be time consuming. The test is very similar to the GRE test in that it is trying to figure out exactly what the student knows. If a student gets a question right then the test gets harder. If they get it wrong, it gets easier. The score gives the teachers a lot of information about the student. It lets us know exactly what skills in reading the student has mastered and what they still struggle with.

How is the score used? I use their MAP scores to group students when working together as well as when I am differentiating the materials in the classroom. I do not want to give work that is too easy or too hard to a student so it is crucial that they do their best on this test to give the teacher accurate data and to “show us what they know.” The test also gives us a lexile range on the student which helps us when choosing books to read in the classroom. All students in the classroom will not be reading the same book because they are not all on the same level. As you can see, the MAP tests are very important to inform teachers about our students and to help the students in the classroom.

We will continue to take the test on Tuesday, September 4 and will take it in the Winter and again in the Spring.

No homework over the weekend except to continue to work on their Summer Reading project due Friday, October 5. You can see the link to this assignment by scrolling down the page.

I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend!

~Mrs. Finley