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7th Grade Lions Language Arts


September 2012


This is the last weekend for students to work on their summer reading project! I have reminded them every day that they are due on Friday, October 5! One week from today! I hope that students will all turn them in on time, if not they will be penalized with a
“late” grade of 75%. Please, please, please get these turned in as soon as possible. Several students have already turned them in to me early! 🙂

I have a huge stack of papers to grade this weekend from where I was sick last weekend. I intend to get everyones grade updated with all current homework turned in by Monday so everyone will be able to see an accurate reflection of their grade for class.

Today was a catch-up day for many of my classes. 1st hour we had a lockdown so that took up quite a bit of class time after the morning announcements. Students got through their starter but after that it was time to go to second hour. We will continue reading “Priscilla and the Wimps” on Monday. 2nd hour was ahead of the game so we did a reward activity. 5th hour made their plot foldable to help them study for their quiz over the definitions for next Friday. 7th hour finished up the A.C.E. chart ORQ. Many of the students were not in class today due to being sent to the computer lab to finish up their MAP testing. I still have a few students who did not finish today so I will pull them during 3rd hour on Monday and let those couple of students finish up so we have accurate test information.

Homework: Work on summer reading project due Friday, October 5! 5th & 7th hour study for quiz over the elements of plot definitions. Quiz is also on Friday, October 5!

I wanted to make everyone aware that the testing window for Gifted and Talented ends on Sunday, October 7. If you feel that your child would qualify as gifted then it is a good idea to get them formally tested and see what services they will recieve. The areas of giftedness that can be identified include general intellectual ability, psychosocial, creativity, specific academic, such as math, science, language arts, social studies, etc. Students may retest every year. The form that you need to fill out to have your child tested is located on the Fayette County Public Schools website, however I have linked it here: If you are unsure of whether or not your child might qualify it is a good idea to speak to your child’s teachers to get some input on their assessment information. There is some additional information about the Gifted and Talented program here:–talented

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

~Mrs. Finley


Library Day!

We made it to the library today! The students were excited to get new books. I reminded them that I will begin checking for library books more often in the classroom. One of my own personal classroom rules and one of the Lynx team rules is to carry a book with you at all times so that if you finish work early or have some extra time you always have something to do. I have noticed some students have not been carrying their books all the time so I may have to start doing some more frequent checks for books. I reminded students that because this is one of my own personal classroom rules they can receive 1 mark for not having a book with them. This does not have to be a library book, it can be a book from home, a public library book, it can be a newspaper, magazine, etc. they just need to have something to read.

1st hour started reading “Priscilla and the Wimps” today. We will finish it tomorrow.

2nd hour and 5th hour have both finished the A.C.E. ORQ. They also watched a short animated video called Mike’s New Car and identified a character trait for Mike or Sully and explained why they picked that trait. Both classes also made it to the library.

7th hour had some technical issues in class. Our overhead project was not working so we spent some time doing silent reading and of course library check-out. We also made a plot foldable with the definitions of plot located inside the flaps. Students should use this as a study guide for a quiz next Friday, October 5 over the definitions of plot. The quiz has a word bank at the top and they must match the definition to the appropriate word. This should be a super easy quiz for them so long as they study! 🙂

I have been very light on homework this week because the summer reading projects are due next Friday. All students should be working on this. 7th hour should also be studying for a quiz next Friday, October 5 as well!

~Mrs. Finley

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Today was our library day, however due to a meeting in the library the only class that was able to go was 1st hour. I will be taking the classes tomorrow so that we can get our books checked-in or renewed.

2nd, 5th & 7th hour worked on using the A.C.E. chart to answer an ORQ. 5th hour was the only class able to finish so 2nd and 7th will finish this assignment up in class tomorrow. We also watched a short film called “Presto” at the beginning of class and students were able to identify a character trait of either the bunny or the magician and give reasons to support their thinking. It was a fun way to start class and to engage the students!

I have reminded all students that their summer reading projects are due NEXT Friday, October 5, 2012! This will count as a test/project grade so it is a big chunk of their grade. I have several projects that have already turned in to me so I am hoping that they will be working on these this weekend and get them finished for Monday. The assignment and the rubric can be found under “Assignments Archive” at the top of this page.

All classes received a neon yellow flyer about an upcoming field trip. The price was changed from $15 to $12. We will be taking the students to see a play performed by the Lexington Children’s Theatre. We will then walk to the Civic Center for lunch. Students may purchase their lunch with additional money (Subway, Arby’s, Chinese Food) or they may request a sack lunch on the flyer and specify either turkey, ham and cheese or PB & J. Some students have already asked if they could pack their own lunch and this is fine so long as they put it with the sack lunches on the bus.

No additional homework tonight was assigned so that students may continue to work on their summer reading project.

~Mrs. Finley

Monday Funday!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was not at school on Friday because I was sick with bronchitis. The kids had a great substitute report though so I am very proud of them for being on their best behavior! 🙂

First hour today continued to work in small groups and review the elements of plot in two short stories. Homework for 1st hour is to continue to work on their summer reading project due Friday, October 5!

2nd, 5th, & 7th hour today started discussing character traits. We read the short story Priscilla and the Wimps by Richard Peck. We then discussed the definition of character traits and reviewed the Character Trait List worksheet. Students began an ORQ with me in class on identifying Monk Klutter’s character traits. I am showing them how to answer an ORQ using the A.C.E. chart. This may look different from what they have done in elementary school, however it is a great way for students to get a 4 and to ensure that they are always supporting their answer with examples from the text and explaining their reasoning. Kids love it because they do not have to use a prewrite! This can be a blessing in Language Arts! Homework tonight is to plot the elements on the graphic organizer using the story “Priscilla and the Wimps.” This is due on Wednesday 9/26/12.

Wednesday is library day so be sure to bring your book to class!

I will be in the building tomorrow, however I will be in the library all day for a Language Arts Professional Development meeting. The students will have a substitute and be reading a short story called “The Stone.” We will pick back up with the short sory “Priscilla and the Wimps” on Wednesday.

~Mrs. Finley


Today first hour finished their activity with the book The Lorax. 2nd, 5th & 7th worked on identify the elements of plot in the book Petite Rouge. This was a really fun book for the kids to read! It is the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but with a cajun twist! They had a ball doing this in class!

1st & 2nd hour: Study for quiz over elements of plot tomorrow

All classes should continue working on their summer reading project due Friday, October 5!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The students continued to look at fractured fairy tales and identify the plot elements. 1st hour continued to look at The Lorax and identify the elements of plot. 2nd hour looked at The Stinky Cheese Man. 5th & 7th hour looked at The Stinky Cheese Man and Wait! No Paint!

We will continue to look at plot for the remainder of this week. At this point most of the students are doing really well identify the plot elements. I am going to begin to scaffold this assignment to let them start looking for the plot elements on their own. I also will begin to increase the text complexity with the plot elements.

1st & 2nd hour: Study your foldable for your quiz over the elements of plot definitions on Friday!

All classes: Continue to work on your summer reading project due Friday, October 5.

Parent Night!

A big thank you to all of the parents who were able to come out for parent night and to pick up their child’s progress report. It was so wonderful meeting you all and being able to put a face to some of the e-mails and phone calls! 🙂

Today in class we continued to work on plot and identifying the elements of plot. 1st and 2nd hour studied the book The Lorax and the plot of the story. 5th and 7th hour started their group presentations on their fractured fairy tale book. Today the group who had The Frog Prince, Continued presented their findings.

1st & 2nd hour: Continue to study for your quiz on Friday over the elements of plot.

All classes: Work on your project due Friday, October 5.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s grade please do not hesitate to contact me at . I am here to help your student succeed!


~Mrs. Finley

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend! I was disappointed that the CATS ended up losing in overtime on Saturday night. But what a great play by WKU to take the win! Unbelievable!

Today in class we continued to study plot and the elements of plot. 1st and 2nd hour made a foldable of plot that has the word and definitions. 5th and 7th hour continued to work on their fractured fairy tales from on Friday. We will begin to study each story indepth tomorrow.

1st & 2nd hour will have a quiz over the elements of plot on Friday! The quiz will have a word bank at the top and students will match the definition to the vocabulary word. Students should be studying their foldable they made in class today.

All students should continue to work on their summer reading project due Friday, October 5!

Tomorrow night is Parent Night from 6-7:30pm at Hayes. Teachers will be passing out midterm grades and setting up parent conferences. There will also be a session over MAP and what it means for your child. The 6th grade session is in the library from 6:15-6:35pm.  Refreshments will be provided. This is a great time to meet the teachers and to check on your student’s progress in classes.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

~Mrs. Finley

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

Today in class we started to read some fractured fairy tales to take a deeper look at plot. Students were able to then write the elements of plot on their graphic organizers.

1st & 2nd hour looked at the short story The Frog Prince, Continued.

5th & 7th hour classes were divided into groups and each group is completing a fractured fairy tale. They will be presenting on their findings next week.

Homework: Continue to work on your summer reading project due Friday, October 5.

Have a wonderful weekend and GO CATS!

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