I have been amending grades from a lot of the students who fixed their mistakes and turned back in their homework. A big thank you to the students for turning the assignments in in such a timely fashion! 🙂

Today we watched the episode of “The Twilight Zone.” 7th hour was the only class able to finish the activity. We took a close look at the plot and reviewed this from elementary school. We will finish this up on Monday so that we can start applying our reading strategies to a short story.

2nd hour has homework over the weekend: Finish writing the rising action from the episode of “The Twilight Zone.” We will continue and finish this on Monday.

All students should be working on their summer reading projects due Friday, October 5!

Next week we will begin to read the short story “Eleven” and apply the strategies we have learned so far this year to the story. Students will be making inferences and looking at the plot of “Eleven.” We will also take a close look at the main character in the story.

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Finley