Today I took all of the students to the library for book check-out. We will continue to go to the library every other Wednesday to do this. Ms. Butler went over how to use the Hayes card catolog online so that students could search for books in the library on their own. Students also learned how to search by their lexile range.

Most students received a lexile score from their MAP test (the only students who did not are those that still need to finish the test and will be pulled out of class to do so soon). Lexile measures a students reading ability. The higher the lexile the more difficult the text is. Lexile is really important to help match students with an appropriate book that they can read on their own reading level. This ensures that a book is not too easy or too hard for them to read.

To read more about your students lexile score this is a great website:

5th & 7th hour D.I.Y. Biology Mockingjay is due tomorrow!

Everyone else should continue to work on the summer reading project!

Tomorrow we will continue to look at plot with our short story “Eleven.”