Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was not at school on Friday because I was sick with bronchitis. The kids had a great substitute report though so I am very proud of them for being on their best behavior! 🙂

First hour today continued to work in small groups and review the elements of plot in two short stories. Homework for 1st hour is to continue to work on their summer reading project due Friday, October 5!

2nd, 5th, & 7th hour today started discussing character traits. We read the short story Priscilla and the Wimps by Richard Peck. We then discussed the definition of character traits and reviewed the Character Trait List worksheet. Students began an ORQ with me in class on identifying Monk Klutter’s character traits. I am showing them how to answer an ORQ using the A.C.E. chart. This may look different from what they have done in elementary school, however it is a great way for students to get a 4 and to ensure that they are always supporting their answer with examples from the text and explaining their reasoning. Kids love it because they do not have to use a prewrite! This can be a blessing in Language Arts! Homework tonight is to plot the elements on the graphic organizer using the story “Priscilla and the Wimps.” This is due on Wednesday 9/26/12.

Wednesday is library day so be sure to bring your book to class!

I will be in the building tomorrow, however I will be in the library all day for a Language Arts Professional Development meeting. The students will have a substitute and be reading a short story called “The Stone.” We will pick back up with the short sory “Priscilla and the Wimps” on Wednesday.

~Mrs. Finley