Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Today was our library day, however due to a meeting in the library the only class that was able to go was 1st hour. I will be taking the classes tomorrow so that we can get our books checked-in or renewed.

2nd, 5th & 7th hour worked on using the A.C.E. chart to answer an ORQ. 5th hour was the only class able to finish so 2nd and 7th will finish this assignment up in class tomorrow. We also watched a short film called “Presto” at the beginning of class and students were able to identify a character trait of either the bunny or the magician and give reasons to support their thinking. It was a fun way to start class and to engage the students!

I have reminded all students that their summer reading projects are due NEXT Friday, October 5, 2012! This will count as a test/project grade so it is a big chunk of their grade. I have several projects that have already turned in to me so I am hoping that they will be working on these this weekend and get them finished for Monday. The assignment and the rubric can be found under “Assignments Archive” at the top of this page.

All classes received a neon yellow flyer about an upcoming field trip. The price was changed from $15 to $12. We will be taking the students to see a play performed by the Lexington Children’s Theatre. We will then walk to the Civic Center for lunch. Students may purchase their lunch with additional money (Subway, Arby’s, Chinese Food) or they may request a sack lunch on the flyer and specify either turkey, ham and cheese or PB & J. Some students have already asked if they could pack their own lunch and this is fine so long as they put it with the sack lunches on the bus.

No additional homework tonight was assigned so that students may continue to work on their summer reading project.

~Mrs. Finley