We made it to the library today! The students were excited to get new books. I reminded them that I will begin checking for library books more often in the classroom. One of my own personal classroom rules and one of the Lynx team rules is to carry a book with you at all times so that if you finish work early or have some extra time you always have something to do. I have noticed some students have not been carrying their books all the time so I may have to start doing some more frequent checks for books. I reminded students that because this is one of my own personal classroom rules they can receive 1 mark for not having a book with them. This does not have to be a library book, it can be a book from home, a public library book, it can be a newspaper, magazine, etc. they just need to have something to read.

1st hour started reading “Priscilla and the Wimps” today. We will finish it tomorrow.

2nd hour and 5th hour have both finished the A.C.E. ORQ. They also watched a short animated video called Mike’s New Car and identified a character trait for Mike or Sully and explained why they picked that trait. Both classes also made it to the library.

7th hour had some technical issues in class. Our overhead project was not working so we spent some time doing silent reading and of course library check-out. We also made a plot foldable with the definitions of plot located inside the flaps. Students should use this as a study guide for a quiz next Friday, October 5 over the definitions of plot. The quiz has a word bank at the top and they must match the definition to the appropriate word. This should be a super easy quiz for them so long as they study! 🙂

I have been very light on homework this week because the summer reading projects are due next Friday. All students should be working on this. 7th hour should also be studying for a quiz next Friday, October 5 as well!

~Mrs. Finley