This is the last weekend for students to work on their summer reading project! I have reminded them every day that they are due on Friday, October 5! One week from today! I hope that students will all turn them in on time, if not they will be penalized with a
“late” grade of 75%. Please, please, please get these turned in as soon as possible. Several students have already turned them in to me early! 🙂

I have a huge stack of papers to grade this weekend from where I was sick last weekend. I intend to get everyones grade updated with all current homework turned in by Monday so everyone will be able to see an accurate reflection of their grade for class.

Today was a catch-up day for many of my classes. 1st hour we had a lockdown so that took up quite a bit of class time after the morning announcements. Students got through their starter but after that it was time to go to second hour. We will continue reading “Priscilla and the Wimps” on Monday. 2nd hour was ahead of the game so we did a reward activity. 5th hour made their plot foldable to help them study for their quiz over the definitions for next Friday. 7th hour finished up the A.C.E. chart ORQ. Many of the students were not in class today due to being sent to the computer lab to finish up their MAP testing. I still have a few students who did not finish today so I will pull them during 3rd hour on Monday and let those couple of students finish up so we have accurate test information.

Homework: Work on summer reading project due Friday, October 5! 5th & 7th hour study for quiz over the elements of plot definitions. Quiz is also on Friday, October 5!

I wanted to make everyone aware that the testing window for Gifted and Talented ends on Sunday, October 7. If you feel that your child would qualify as gifted then it is a good idea to get them formally tested and see what services they will recieve. The areas of giftedness that can be identified include general intellectual ability, psychosocial, creativity, specific academic, such as math, science, language arts, social studies, etc. Students may retest every year. The form that you need to fill out to have your child tested is located on the Fayette County Public Schools website, however I have linked it here: If you are unsure of whether or not your child might qualify it is a good idea to speak to your child’s teachers to get some input on their assessment information. There is some additional information about the Gifted and Talented program here:–talented

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

~Mrs. Finley