Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I have received a lot of projects this morning so I know that the students worked hard on them this weekend. I am in the process of grading them and passing them back. If the students are happy with their score then I would like to keep some of the projects on display around the room to give back to them at a later date. However, if they are unhappy and would like to make some corrections then they can feel free to do that and I will regrade it for a second chance.

I am not assigning any extra homework this week other than the project and 5th & 7th hour should be studying for their quiz over the definitions of plot on Friday, October 5!

Today 1st hour finished reading “Priscilla and the Wimps” and started the A.C.E. chart ORQ. 2nd, 5th, & 7th hour are reading another of my favorite stories called “Dragon, Dragon” by John Gardner. We will begin an ORQ tomorrow in class based on the story.

All grades are in Infinite Campus and are accurate as of today 10/1/12. Report cards will go out next week so if you or your student is unhappy with their grade they have some time to make some changes.

~Mrs. Finley