Today I introduced the students to live scoring. Live scoring is a great way to assess how the students are doing at mastering the content and to give them instant feedback. The students answered an ORQ question about character traits while I ran around the room checking their progress. Most of the students are new to this process and we began live scoring the last 25 minutes of class so we were unable to finish. We will finish our live scoring tomorrow. Normally live scoring will occur within one class period, however we had to finish reading a short story first. I plan on incorporating more live scoring on a weekly basis until the students get comfortable answering ORQ questions and using the A.C.E. chart. In my personal opinion, the more that they practice the better they become at writing an ORQ.

Homework: 5th & 7th hour study for quiz over the definitions of plot on Friday. All classes continue to work on projects due Friday!

~Mrs. Finley