Thank you so much to all of the students who have gotten projects turned in early! I have all of them graded so far and just need to enter the grades on a few of them tomorrow. I am hoping to get a whole bunch tomorrow since that is the official due date!

We reviewed pronouns today in class. There will be 1 multiple choice question on the Check Test next week related to pronouns. All that is being asked is that students can identify pronouns in a sentence. We will work on singular, objective, and possessive pronouns later on in the year and ensure that they are in the proper case.

I added some more books to our classroom bookshelf today and the students have already been checking the series out like crazy! The books are part of the Bluford Series. These are high-interest reads. Most of them are very short but VERY fun to read. The kids love them! I have decided to not put the book “The Test” on the bookshelf because it discusses some sensitive topics, such as teen pregnancy. I have told the students this and many of them said that they still wanted to read the book. One student suggested that I have permission slips for books that deal with more mature topics. Therefore, if you are OK with your child reading about some more mature issues then please just send me a note through your student and let me know that it is OK.

Tomorrow we will begin to review for our Check Test. Our test will be on Tuesday, October 9. The students will also have Wednesday, October 10 to finish up the test. Wednesday is also our library day at school so I will probably have to send a few students at a time for book check-out since many will still be finishing up their Check Tests.

Homework: 5th & 7th hour study definitions of the elements of plot for your quiz tomorrow! ALL STUDENTS: BOOK PROJECTS ARE DUE TOMORROW!!!!

~Mrs. Finley