I had a great day yesterday visiting Clays Mill Elementary and Henry Clay High School. I was doing some observations of the gifted and talented classes at both the elementary and high school level. I was really glad to hear from the associate principal at Henry Clay how much they loved having Hayes students and how well prepared he felt they were for High School!  What a huge compliment to Hayes and to all of our students!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Fall Break! I will be grading the students check tests that they took this week. Today in class was a bit of a catch-up day. Many students still had to finish up their test so we had some D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time. We don’t really get to do this enough since our classes are so short so it was really nice to have a chance to just find a comfortable spot and read a good book. It also gave the students time to browse through my classroom library and spot some good new reads! 🙂

I have finished grading all projects that were turned in to me. If your student did not turn their project in they received a zero. If they turn it in before the end of the marking period that will receive late credit.

At the end of the day today all Lynx students watched the movie “The Lorax” as a reward. This deals with many topics that we have discussed in Social Studies, Science and Language Arts so it was a great fit. In fact, my first and second hour had already read the short story and looked at the plot of the story, so it was really neat to see how the movie compared to the book!

I hope everyone enjoys Fall Break and gets rested up! Have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. Finley