Today we were surprised with a power outtage this morning which lasted a little into 1st hour. Fortunately, the power was only out for approximately 30 minutes. 🙂

In class today we went to the library for book check-out. I only sent students who had a current book checked out or who were able to check-out books from the library. I also sent them down just a few at a time so that they could browse and come back to class. When they came back they were given some time to read on their library book. Several students also asked if it was OK to work on their homework in my 5th and 7th hour and used that time to ask me questions about it. I know that their homework assignment may seem difficult to them and may even frustrate them but they are really doing a great job with these articles and they are able to do it! I feel that it is pushing them maybe outside of some of their comfort zones a bit and some of them are getting frustrated when they do not know the answer, however I always give them a second chance if they get it wrong to fix their mistakes. I prefer to push them than give them an assignment that is too easy for them. They do seem to like the articles they are reading which is awesome because it interests them and keeps them up-to-date on some of the current events happening around the world. 🙂

5th & 7th hour: Article of the Week on Cell Phone Valets due Friday 10/26!

Tomorrow all Language Arts teachers in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are giving their students an on-demand writing test. Students will be given a writing prompt and they must answer the writing prompt in a specific amount of time. The writing will then be scored using a rubric. Sometimes this is hard for students due to the time limit or the fact that it is basically a one-shot deal. Additionally, teachers are not allowed to assist the students in any way when they are being assessed on their on-demand so sometimes they will get frusturated.

This is the first one of the year and will allow the teachers to assess where the students are currently at with their writing and what we need to really work on. I know that many of the students have already had experience with this in 4th and 5th grade so I feel that they are prepared and ready for this. This will not be for any kind of a grade since this is a raw assessment of where they are currently at so they do not have to fear that their grade will be impacted. This first test is really more or less a trial run to see how it goes and to just assess where the students are at. We will then begin to spend some class time working on how to answer these timed writing prompts and some strategies that we can use to write a response well within the time limit.

~Mrs. Finley