Today we finished up our On-Demand writing that we began yesterday in class. The students have worked really hard on their writing. As mentioned before, this time around I will grade the tests using the scoring rubric, however it will not count as a grade in the computer. This really is just an assessment for me to see where the students are currently at with their writing.

I wanted to make all GT parents aware of some opportunities available through LEX KAGE. You can check out some great opportunities on the school website at

I discussed with the students an option today called curriculum compacting. I will be implementing this beginning with this unit and taking place throughout the rest of the year. If students do well on their pre-assessment I will invite them to go ahead and take the end of unit test. If they score above mastery (proficient/distinguished) then they can do curriculum compacting with me. This means that they can opt out of relearning the same information that they showed proficiency on on their test. Research has shown that it is never a good idea to teach students the same things they already know–it increases students boredom and shows them that learning is easy. Instead, if they pass the assessment with mastery  then I will meet with the student and come up with a plan for the curriculum compacting, such as work on an individual assignment, project, etc. of their choosing or something that is approved by the teacher.  On Monday we will be taking the pre-assessment and I will see how the students do on that first before I ask them if they would like to go ahead and try the end of unit assessment.

No homework this weekend!

~Mrs. Finley