Today I talked to students about their pre-assessment score. The students who may have the opportunity to compact with me began taking the end-of-unit test today. Many requested more time. My goal is to have these graded by next week so that I can begin to compact with them and let them know the expectations for compacting.

Students took notes in class today about the mystery genre. This will help prepare us for our upcoming readings in class as I will frequently refer back to them.

Mr. Hoskins has sent a flyer for a workshop to learn more about your students KPREP score. The More Than A Score Workshop would be a great resource to attend to learn more about the test.

Students in 2nd, 5th & 7th have homework! The article is due back on Friday, November 2! Candy Corn Article of the Week

I also gave students a copy of the 6th grade Spelling Bee words. I encourage all students to participate, however the studying is completely up to them. I will choose two winners from each class and those students will be part of the schoolwide spelling bee competing against other 6th grade students as well as 7th grade and 8th grade students.

~Mrs. Finley