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7th Grade Lions Language Arts


November 2012


We finished up reading the play “Lov’d Alone” today in class and most classes were able to finish up their Open Repsonse Question (ORQ) based on the play.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a quick review lesson over foreshadowing and theme and then on Monday we will begin “The Black Cat” by Poe.

Compacting students spent time in the library today with Ms. Butler going over how to do research, what make a website credible, and how to avoid plagarism.

No homework!

~Mrs. Finley


Poe Continues…

We continued to read the play “Lov’d” about the life of Edgar A. Poe today in class. 2nd hour finished the play when I saw them again at 4th hour. All the other classes will finish tomorrow. The students will then begin to answer an ERQ question about the life of Poe and how his personal experiences influenced his work. This will probably take up most of this week. I was hoping to begin reading “The Black Cat” by Poe but I doubt we will get to it until next week. The kids are really love learning about his life and all of his death that has surrounded his own life experiences.

No homework today.

~Mrs. Finley

The Life of Edgar Allan Poe

Today we began to learn about Edgar Allan Poe as part of our mystery unit. Compacting students also joined us so that they could learn a little about who Poe was and become familiar with his life. We are learning about his life through a play called “Lov’d.” We will continue to read the play and discuss his life tomorrow. Later this week we will read “The Black Cat” by Poe.

No homework tonight!

~Mrs. Finley

Thanksgiving Break!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

Today we spent some time looking at the illustrations drawn by Harris Burdick–his illustrations are a true mystery! (Ask your student about the mystery behind the pictures.) Students had been creating some of their own stories about these illustrations in my 4th hour classes. We shared some of our writing today and then I shared with them a book called The Chronicles of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg (author of Polar Express) which includes the same illustrations that they used for their creative writing pieces, however the stories about the pictures are by famous authors, such as Stephen King, Louis Lowry (author of The Giver), etc. We also looked at the elements of suspense in the stories.

No homework over Thanksgiving break! Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Finley

Friday, November 16, 2012

Congrats to all of the sixth grade students for competing in the Spelling Bee last night! You all did a fantastic job and I am so proud of you!

Today we did a compare/contrast venn diagram between the play “The Hitchhiker” and the Twilight Zone episode of “The Hitchhiker.” I was shocked to realize that there was a Twilight Zone episode based on the play and that I had not seen it before! The kids were so excited to watch it–I think they too have started to love Twilight Zone as much as I do. On Monday we will finish up our comparison essay on “The Hitchhiker.”

We also had Team Rewards today. Due to the cold weather we decided to stay inside and had two movie rooms. We also allowed students to have electronics out while they relaxed.

Midterm reports are supposed to go home on Tuesday, November 27. I will make sure that all of my homework assignments are current and up-to-date so you and your student will have accurate information to see how they are doing midsemester.

Homework: 2nd, 5th & 7th hour have an article due on Tuesday, November 20–before Thanksgiving break. It is linked below as well as in “Assignment Archive” at the top of the page.

~Mrs. Finley

Language Arts Night!

Just a reminder that tonight is the chili cook-off, spelling bee and silent auction night! All the fun begins at 6pm with the spelling bee set for 6:45. Hope to see everyone here! 🙂

Today we finished up a comparison of “The Hitchhiker” to “In the Fog.” The students worked on an ORQ question comparing the elements of suspense in both stories. Tomorrow they will watch the Twilight Zone episode of “The Hitchhiker” and compare it to the play “The Hitchhiker.” They will then work with a partner to answer a similar ORQ question compare the two like we did today in class.

1st hour homework: Read the Aesop’s fable and answer the questions on foreshadowing/flashback. Due tomorrow!

2nd, 5th & 7th hour: Read and annotate the story about the Oregon Trail computer game. Answer all questions in complete sentences. Due BEFORE Thanksgiving Break (11/20). Where Are They Now? Diseases from the Oregon Trail Article

~Mrs. Finley

Homework due before Thanksgiving Vacation

Due to the shortened week next week I am going to go ahead and give 2nd, 5th & 7th hour students their homework assignment tomorrow that is due on Tuesday, November 20 (before Thanksgiving vacation). This will give the students extra time to work on it this weekend if they want to.

Where Are They Now? Diseases from the Oregon Trail <–2nd, 5th & 7th hour! (due 11/20)

~Mrs. Finley

Spelling Bee Tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow night is the Spelling Bee at school. It is set to begin at 6:45. Can’t wait to see the kids and how they do! There will also be a silent auction with lots of great gift baskets, such as a movie tavern basket, school supply basket, Malone’s gift basket, etc. There will also be chili available through the chili cook-off. A cake-walk is planned, etc. Hope to see everyone there! All the fun begins at 6pm!

Today in class we worked on a compare/contrast of the elements of suspense in “The Hitchhiker” and “In the Fog.” 7th hour did not get to do this activity because of the 3.0 Honor Roll party in the gym. They will begin it tomorrow. 1st, 2nd & 5th will finish up this activity tomorrow as well.

2nd hour has homework tonight: Read the passage and answer the four foreshadowing/flashback questions.

~Mrs. Finley

Homework for November 13

5th & 7th hour received a homework assignment tonight. It is front and back and asks them to read the passage and answer the 4 questions on foreshadowing and flashback. This is due tomorrow 11/14. (students who are compacting do not have to do this assignments)

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