I can’t believe it is already November! This school year has been flying by!

1st hour finished reading the play Into the Fog. We continued to discuss the format of a play, stage directions, etc. This was also a great play for foreshadowing. After we finished reading the play the kids were able to look back at all of their clues and see that it was foreshadowing the ending. It was a great suspense!

2nd hour read the short story The Landlady by Ronald Dahl. This is also a suspenseful read. It is a longer short story and so it took most of the class period for them to read the whole thing. My plan is on Monday to have the students look over the story again with a partner and highlight or underline any of the clues that was foreshadowing the ending. We will then begin to read a letter to a friend or relative as if we were the main character Billy and include five clues (foreshadowing) that are making us nervous about staying at the bed and breakfast. This will let me really see the kids identifying the foreshadowing in the story and explaining it to the reader. It will also give us a great opportunity to discuss letter writing. Of course, we also have a spelling bee to do on Monday so this might be the lesson plan for Monday and Wednesday (no school on Tuesday!)

7th hour is also reading The Landlady. I put them in groups of two and they are reading the story with their partner. They will then work on the letter mentioned above with their partner.

Monday’s spelling bee words can be found in an earlier post below. I did not require the students to study for the spelling bee but it is greatly encouraged. This is not for a grade, however I do require participation. The two winners from each of my classes will then go on to the schoolwide spelling bee.

No homework over the weekend! 🙂

~Mrs. Finley