We had a wonderful author visit today with local Kentucky author Martha Bennett Stiles. All of the classes got to visit with Mrs. Stiles and discuss the writing process, what inspires her, how she creates her characters, etc. Mrs. Stiles shared her new book Sailing to Freedom with the students. It is a story about a young boy, Ray, who must work on a ship with his Uncle Thad instead of staying with his mean Uncle Slye. Ray and his capuchin monkey, Allie, have a lot of great adventures on their voyage. There is also a secondary story about Cook and something that Cook is hiding in the kitchen pantry of the ship. Can Ray keep a secret?

Mrs. Stiles shared a wonderful story about the capuchin monkey that her father had shared with her as a young girl and helped to inspire her book Sailing to Freedom.

Many of the students wereSailing to Freedom interested in purchasing her book Sailing to Freedom which is available on Amazon for $13.25 or on the Kindle for $9.99. I also know that Joseph Beth, Morris Bookshop, and Barnes & Noble have several copies available for purchase as well.

What a wonderful treat for the students to get to meet and ask questions to such an accomplished author. I cannot thank Mrs. Stiles enough for making our day by coming and sharing her wonderful stories.

Tomorrow we will begin to prepare for our test next week. We will be reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe and looking at the theme of the story.

~Mrs. Finley