I apologize for not keeping up with the blog this week. I caught a bad flu like bug and had a horrible migraine and sore throat all week so I was not at school.

The students took a midterm exam with the substitute yesterday. This consisted of two short answer essays and one extended response question. They have also been reading some short reading passages and finding the theme, etc. which should all be a review and help them prepare for the test.

It is also time for our end-of-unit assessment. Students should have received a study guide from the substitute on Monday and should have used it to help them study for the midterm as well as the end-of-unit test that begins tomorrow. I have talked a lot about the test, especially last week, so it should not come as a surprise to the students.

I am planning on being back at school tomorrow since I am feeling better now. We will begin to take the test. Students that are compacting do not have to take this test as they already took it and passed it in order to compact. 🙂

~Mrs. Finley