Sorry for the late update! It completely slipped my mind that today was Monday and I needed to update the blog.

Due to so many student absences on Friday I decided to let them finish up their test on Monday and so tomorrow we will go over the test. This will give them a chance to also participate in the corrections. Students will bring home the test for homework tomorrow night and fix their short answer/erq as well as get a parent/guardian signature on the test. I don’t really believe in “fixing” multiple choice. I go over them with the kids and we discuss the correct answer and why it is correct, so there is really no point in them changing those answers. I will let them fix their short answer and erq for a second test grade. This usually helps out their grade and is beneficial because they also learn from their mistakes.

Teachers must post grades the first week back in January and those are the grades for the report card. Right now all grades are accurate. The only grades that I will be putting in is the student test correction grade (as another test grade) as well as the grade for the compacting students projects. I hope that helps give you a better idea of how your student is doing in class and what his/her report card grade will be come January. If you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail:

Today compacting students presented their research findings to the class and students that needed to finish the test due to absences/illness were sent out of the room to test in a quiet environment.

No homework tonight!

~Mrs. Finley