Whoops! I completely forgot about the blog yesterday! Guess I am out of the habit of updating it on a daily basis since winter break.

I hope everyone had a very relaxing break and was able to enjoy time with family and friends. I have enjoyed seeing the kids again and it seems that everyone is well rested.

Yesterday I reviewed the mark system at EJHMS and the consequences of the marks. I also went over the CHAMPS rules for in the hallway, cafeteria, and at dismissal. There was no homework.

Today we started discussing main idea. I told the students that this can also be called central idea. This is a new vocabulary term for them. The new standards are using the term central idea in place of main idea, however most students have been identifying main idea since the 3rd grade.

Central idea can be very tricky and difficult for student to identify. I will be doing LOTS of practice with the students until they reach mastery of this skill. It seems to be something that students struggle with, especially as the texts become more complex.

I gave the students a pop quiz over central idea today and counted it as a classwork grade. The students took the quiz and then I collected them and went over the questions and answers with them so they could tell immediately how they did. This will be the 1st grade for the 3rd quarter. Some students did not perform very well on the quiz, however there will be many other grades that will average in with this grade so I reminded the students not to fret too much.

No homework tonight!

Next week is going to be a bit more tiring for the students. Mrs. Kidder is doing MAP testing with the kids on Monday & Tuesday and I am doing the MAP reading test ith them on Wednesday & Thursday. This test gives the teachers a score and lets us know what information they have mastered and what skills they still need to work on. Therefore, it is really important that students do their best. I will remind the students to get a good night’s sleep and to eat breakfast before coming to school so that they can perform their very best and give us accurate information.

~Mrs. Finley