Whoops, I did it again! Forgot to update the blog yesterday! Sorry!

Yesterday was a busy day. We went to the library for book check-out since we are MAP testing on Wednesday. We also discussed the essay that we will be working on this week and next. First hour is writing their essay on the black death. Second, Fifth, and Seventh hour are writing their essay on a theory about the death of Edgar Allan Poe.

Today we discussed cholera since it is one of the theories of Poe’s death. I shared a quick youtube video about it to help visual students (like myself) and then also found information from the Kids Encycleopedia online. We then began to read a document from online that discusses some of the symptoms that Poe was experience before his death. The student’s became investigators and had to decide what symptom fit each of the different theories. We will have to get back to this on Friday due to MAP testing.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday students will meet me in the computer lab to do their MAP testing. This is the reading test that will let me know what skills each student has mastered and what they still need to work on. This is a very important test and something that is relied on heavily when I make lesson plans as well as activities to use in the classroom.

I encouraged all students to get a good night’s sleep tonight and to eat a hearty breakfast before testing tomorrow.

~Mrs. Finley