We have been busy working on our writing piece about how Poe died. THe students each have come up with a theory based on several of the readings from class and will be writing an argumentative essay on how they think Poe died and why.

First hour is continuing to work on their essay about the black death instead of the Poe essay. Their writing piece is more informative about the causes of the Black Death, symptoms, effects, etc.

Students have started to ask me about compacting for the new unit we are doing. I explained to them today that it is called Hugging Heritage and we will be doing a lot of reading about African American literature to meet our standards. Some of the standards that will be taught in this unit include: locating key ideas, flashback, foreshadowing, character traits, similes, hyperboles, point of view, central idea, and generalizations. Some of these may be a something that we have discussed earlier in the year (such as character traits) while other standards are brand new to this unit.

I gave the students the option today to take the pre-assessment if they wanted to compact. It includes all of these standards and will give me a better idea of what they know and what they do not know. It will also determine who can compact out of this unit.

I will be meeting with students who score above an 80% on this test and they may then choose whether or not they want to compact. Some students have already decided that they do not want to compact or even take the pre-assessment because they know they don’t want to. It has many advantages, but it has many disadvantages too since students are working independently. If you want to read more about how compacting works please click on the link at the top of the page that says “COMPACTING.”

No homework tonight.

~Mrs. Finley