Students in 2nd hour, 5th hour and 7th hour all received an Article of the Week to do that is due on Friday, February 1, 2013.

Students received a stapled packed on bright yellow paper that is asking for the student to participate in a research study in my Language Arts class for the next 12-14 weeks. The study is being done by a student at the University of Kentucky and is looking at the use of graphic organizers to help students with their essay writing. I have explained to the students that we will be doing essay writing in class and that even if they do not want to participate in the study they will have to use some kind of an organizer. The organizers are provided by the researcher and are looking at how effective they are for the student. The study has been done at two high schools and has shown that the students that the students benefiited from using the organizers. If you give permission for your child to participate in this study I will teach them in class how to use them and they will then use them for writing essays in class. Students will not be penalized for not participating in the study. Please read over this packet tonight with your student and decide if this is something that you would be ok with them participating in in the classroom. Students can bring back the completed papers to me as soon as possible.

Today we began to talk about our new unit on heritage. I gave the students a language activity to look at how a sentence patterns fits into the overall structure of a text. The students were surprised to find how well they could read the article that uses jumbled up letters. Many of them wanted to keep their papers and share them at home.

1st hour worked on vocabulary. Tomorrow Mrs. Bouz is going to help us create foldables to study the vocabulary and then the students will need to study and prepare for weekly quizzes.

~Mrs. Finley