This week is flying by already!

1st hour today Mrs. Bouz helped us created a foldable to study our vocabulary. Students have 5 words and will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday 2/1/13 over these words. The students have been studying in class, however tomorrow they will be bringing their folders home to study for the night before their test.

In 2nd hour, 5th hour & 7th hour we reviewed point of view and discussed the different points of view that a text can have. Students took notes and I told them that they would have a quiz on 2/8/13 over the words and definitions.

Tomorrow we will begin our new unit on heritage. We will be reading the story “Glory Over Everything.” This is an excerpt from a biography about the life of Harriet Tubman. We will be discussing point of view as we read as well as sequencing.

Homework: 1st hour: Study vocabulary words and definitions; 2nd, 5th & 7th hour: Article of the Week due on Friday 2/1/13; Quiz over point of view on 2/8/13.

~Mrs. Finley