Reminder: Tomorrow 1st hour students have a quiz over their vocabulary words. 2nd, 5th & 7th hour’s article of the week is due tomorrow!

2nd hour, 5th hour & 7th hour students will have a quiz on Friday, February 8, 2013 over the different points of view and definitions. If the students were absent or lost their study guide here is my teacher copy. point of view study guide

Today we began reading the story “Glory Over Everything.” This is a biography about Harriet Tubman’s life. The students had some very good questions and we had a lot of discussion. We will be discussing point of view and sequence of events as we read. Tomorrow we will finish reading this short story since it is only an excerpt from a biography.

Only a handful of students have turned in their consent form to take part in the writing study. Please turn these in as soon as possible. Here is another copy in case they lost the original one sent home:

page 1 form
2nd page form
3rd page form

~Mrs. Finley