I was out yesterday sick so there was no blog update. The kids read a short story about Thomas Garrett and discussed it with the substitute, Mrs. Peters. She also collected all of the homework on the article of the week.

Today I met with compacting students and discussed some ideas for their independent compacting project. The kids from the last compacting unit learned so much about research and how to not plagarize. It also gives me a great opportunity to work with students more one-on-one on any writing issues that they are having as I look over their work. Since our unit is on heritage I tried to find some appropriate indpendent projects that were still focused on this topic. Some ideas that I shared were to reserach their own family ancestery. The student will create a family tree, interview family members and write a paper on what they found out about their family history, research how their family came to the United States, etc. They will then put this together using some sort of visual aide (PowerPoint, science posterboard, etc.) to present to the class. Another option was to research a culture that appeals to you and find out about their customs and traditions and prepare a presentation. I gave the kids 4 or 5 different ideas although they are welcome to come up with their own idea as long as they check it with me. Most students have already decided what they would like to do, however I will meet with them again tomorrow to see if they have decided on a project idea and have them sign off on the contract with me.

Today was also our library day, however there was testing going on in the library so I sent a few students down at a time to check-out new books with Ms. Butler. We will go again in two weeks.

The rest of the class time was spent working on a compare/contrast of the two stories we have read this week. Students compared Harriet Tubman to Thomas Garrett using a venn diagram and then were asked to rewrite this out and provide explanations. Most students were able to finish in class since they had 30 minutes or more, however some did have to take it home for homework. This will be due tomorrow.

2nd, 5th & 7th hour: Quiz on Friday (2/8/13) over point of view. Compare/contrast due tomorrow if you did not finish in class today.

~Mrs. Finley