Reminder: 2nd, 5th & 7th hour have a quiz tomorrow over point of view! Students already have these notes that they took in class a week and a half ago, however here is my teacher copy just in case: point of view study guide< (Scroll down to the second page)

Today in class we began to discuss figurative language. Students took some notes about all the different kinds of figurative language that we will be discussing in our heritage unit. This was really more of a quick overview before we get indepth with each one. I did let the students know that after we had study these different kinds we would have a quiz over them so that I could ensure that they had learned them and not forgotten about them.

Compacting students met with me to discuss which project they picked. 98% of students already have an idea of what they wanted to do and I sent them to the library to begin to gather some resources for their projects. The other 2% of students had an idea of what they wanted to do but needed to talk to parents/grandparents to find out more about their own family heritage before they could do any research. I urged thse students to do this tonight so that they could get started on research in the library by tomorrow. This unit I expect that compacting students will be doing a lot more work at home interviewing family members and discussing their own heritage with parents/grandparents, etc. I told them that class time can be spent researching on the internet, however they also need to look into books and encyleopedias and other resources available to gather as much information as possible about their country. They seem to be really excited about their projects! šŸ™‚

~Mrs. Finley