All students have homework today in 2nd, 5th & 7th hour due Monday: Finish the ORQ question from “On An Underground Railroad.” Compacting Students: Talk to family members (if you have not done so already) so you can begin to research books in the library.
First hour students worked on writing a poem today in class using similes and metaphors. Most students finished in class, however some will have to finish on Monday.

Second, fifth & seventh hour students all took a quiz over point of view. These grades have already been put into Infinite Campus. Compacting students then continued to work on researching their culture. Some students spent class time reading the books that they checked out from the library for their project. Other students worked on research on the computer. The students who are not compacting read a poem called “On the Underground Railroad” with me and we listened to the song version. We then looked for poetic devices in the poem. Students were not able to finish the ORQ in class so it was sent home for homework due Monday!

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!

~Mrs. Finley