Students that are compacting were given their rubrics today for their project. This should help them as they begin to organize their information and also give them an idea of what kind of quality I am looking for. Several students have asked if they have to make a poster and I responded that even if they are using a PowerPoint I think it is best to have another visual aide for people to look at. They can include extra information on the poster if the information on the rubric they put into their PowerPoint already.

1st hour went over the 5 new vocabulary words for the week. Students will have a quiz on Friday over the 5 words from last week and the 5 words from this week. They will continue to study these words in class and take home the vocabulary words on Thursday night. If you would like a copy for your child to study at home please e-mail me and I can e-mail you a copied page for them.

2nd, 5th & 7th hour students discussed a refrain today using the story of John Henry. We then listened to Johnny Cash’s version. The students were able to identify a refrain in songs, however had not known that it was called a refrain.

Several compacting students said that they were planning on doing some more work tonight on their project. If your study is doing the heritage project about their own ancestor’s they should interview someone in the family about their family history.

Homework: 1st hour needs to study vocuablary words. Compacting students- Finish up interviews/research at home.

~Mrs. Finley