This is a reminder that all students have homework this weekend. All students should be studying their figurative language flip book that they created in class yesterday or today to help them prepare for their quiz on Friday, February 22, 2013 over the words and definitions. They should also be able to identify the different types if I give them examples and ask them to tell me which device was used.

If students would like to review the Will Ferrell figurative language video we watched in class it can be found here:

1st hour took a quiz over their vocabulary words. 5 of them were old words from last week and then the 5 new words from this week. Those grades have already been put into Infinite Campus. We then practiced identifying figurative language devices by looking at sentences and picking out which were metaphors, similes, hyperboles, personification, etc.

2nd & 7th hour both did the word jumble activity where they had to determine what figurative language device was being used in a sentence. We will finish this activity on Tuesday.

5th hour finished making their flip books using the Will Ferrell video.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day weekend! See you on Tuesday!

~Mrs. Finley