Tomorrow is our quiz over figurative language. All students (except compacting students) should be studying their flip book and figurative language jumble worksheet to help them prepare.

Today in class I shared a very cool educational website that Mrs. Bouz and I started using with 1st hour. It is called Edmodo. This is a free website where students can post educational postings, turn in homework, take quizzes, as well as talk to one another about assignments. I can also give feedback from the website and quickly grade their assignments. My 1st hour has been using it all week and loves it! The greatest part is that it is available as an app on your phone, iPod touch, kindle, etc. If you have internet access you can get on edmodo.

I shared this website with my other classes and they were really interested and excited about “posting” homework. Today I discussed some of the student conduct with them and showed them a bit about the website. I then gave them the paper to bring home, get signed with parent permission, and bring back to me if this was something they wanted to particpate in. If a student does not want to use Edmodo that is OK–they will still do the same assignments just turn them in on paper the next day in class like we have been doing.

Please look over this paper with your student and feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.

I also discussed grades with the students and gave some students a second chance to turn in some missing assignments. With only two weeks left before 3rd quarter grades I am concerned about some students missing assignments. Please check Infinite Campus to see how your student is doing and send a quick e-mail to teachers if you have any questions or concerns at this time.

Tomorrow students will take their figurative language quiz. We will then be looking at popular song lyrics the next few days and identifying the figurative language in them. The students should have fun with this!

~Mrs. Finley