I was not at school on Friday so there was no update on the blog. Students took their figurative language quiz in class. This took up most of the class time. I have graded these quizzes and put them in Infinite Campus already. Most students did very well!

Today I was only at school in the morning due to a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. The students practiced identifying figurative language in popular song lyrics. We will continue to practice this over the next few days. They seem to be doing really well with figurative language, however I want to continue to give them as much practice as possible.

Please check grades on Infinite Campus. The 3rd quarter ends next Friday, March 8th and final grades will be posted. I have given sstudents make-up work for missing assignments and have only received a handful back for a late grade. If your student has a D or F I will be e-mailing or calling to notify you of their current grade in case you are unaware. I don’t want to see the students panicking next week about their grade.

1st hour: Study for your quiz on Friday, March 8th!
2nd, 5th & 7th hour: Bring back your Edmodo permission slips as soon as possible. You will begin to have homework on Edmodo next week.

~Mrs. Finley