Sorry for not posting yesterday! It was a very busy day and both of my planning periods I was at meetings so I did not get a chance to update the blog.

Today in class we watched an old episode of Twilight Zone called “The Living Doll.” This is a great example of personification which is one of the figurative language devices we have been studying. It also was a great refresher for us to discuss plot again. Students have a hard time identifying the climax in a book, movie or even a TV show so this gave us another opportunity to discuss it in class. They filled out a graphic organizer with a drawing of plot as we watched and discussed the episode. Most compacting students wanted to participate in today’s activity since they love Twilight Zone so they did not compact today.

1st hour: Log-in to edmodo and post an example of a hyperbole tonight.
2nd, 5th & 7th: Turn in your edmodo permission slips as soon as possible. You will have homework online next week. If you lost your permission slip you can just bring me in a signed note saying it is OK for you to use edmodo.

~Mrs. Finley