Mrs. Amy Finley

7th Grade Lions Language Arts


March 2013

Coming Soon….

Book Fair

Coming on Wednesday, April 10, 2013!!! We will be going to the book fair as a class. Students will get a flyer this week that has a sneak peek of some of the books they will see at the book fair.

Parents can stop by anytime the week of April 8- April 12 to shop for books in the library. The library does take credit cards, however a parent must be present.

Book fair items include: Books (of course!), posters, pens, fun erasers, etc.

Please stop by and meet/see our librarian Ms. Butler! šŸ™‚

***Reminder: Edythe J. Hayes Library is now on Facebook so you can get updates like this by “liking” the page.

You can also purchase books online by visiting the Scholastic website beginning April 3- April 23:

~Mrs. Finley


Week of March 25-March 29

There will not be as many updates this week because we are testing and then the students are giving their presentations.

1st hour:
Monday: We Reviewed comparing and contrasting for our test on Wednesday, March 27. Homework: Review worksheets over point of view, generalizations, compare/contrast, figurative language for test on Wednesday.
Tuesday: We read through the reading passage “Annie John” and discussed the point-of-view, made generalizations, etc. These are all things that will be on their test tomorrow. Homework: Review worksheets over point of view, generalizations, compare/contrast, figurative language for test tomorrow.
Wednesday: Test. Homework: Review worksheets over point of view, generalizations, compare/contrast, and figurative language.
Thurdsay: Finish taking test. NO Homework.
Friday: We will discuss irony and watch a Twilight Zone episode that has a lot of irony. Students will practice identifying irony. NO Homework.

2nd, 5th & 7th Hours:
Monday: Take test during class. Homework: Review worksheets over point of view, generalizations, compare/contrast, figurative language for test tomorrow.
Tuesday: Finish test. No homework.
Wednesday: Begin presentations of compacting students projects. No homework.
Thursday: Continue compacting presentations. No homework.
Friday: Finish compacting presentations. No homework. (If there are still a few students that have to present after Friday they will continue after Spring Break, however I am hoping that we will be done on Friday.)

Have a great Spring Break!

~Mrs. Finley

Friday, March 22, 2013

Today we compared two texts about Frederick Douglass and discussed their similarities and differences. This is something that we had practiced earlier in the year and I wanted to review it before their test next week.

1st hour will be taking their test on Wednesday.

2nd, 5th & 7th hour will begin their test on MONDAY. This will allow time for the compacting students to do their presentations on Wednesday-Friday before Spring Break.

Homework: Study your worksheets to prepare for your test next week!!! The test is over point of view, theme, central idea, figurative language, compare/contrast and generalizations/inferences/drawing conclusions. (Compacting students will not be taking this test)

~Mrs. Finley

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today we discussed generalizations in class. Students practiced answering generalization questions as we read two short reading passages. We discussed how they are very similar to drawing conclusions and inferences. We also discussed that generalizations can be incorrect since it is not based on facts.

Students that are NOT compacting need to take the generalization quiz tonight on Edmodo for homework. This is due tomorrow! If they do not have an Edmodo account they received a paper copy in class.

~Mrs. Finley

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today was a little bit of a catch-up day. Most students needed time to finish working on their five paragraph essay. We also had library day today so as students finished I sent them in small batches to the library to check-out and renew books. When compacting students finished the essay many worked on the computer to work on their projects.

Tomorrow we are going to be talking about generalizations and how we make them in a text. This will help us prepare for our unit test on Monday. Friday I will spend mostly reviewing before the test with students.

No homework!

~Mrs. Finley

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The students (compacting and non-compacting) worked on an essay today in class. They used a different graphic organizer and answered a writing prompt as part of the UK research study. The students who turned in a permission slip will have their essays shared with the researcher. She came and sat in on class this morning during 1st hour and some of 2nd hour. She will give me the results of how the students are doing and I will share those with the students as well as send something home with them to share with you. She did say that she is very impressed with their writing skills already and that they are comparable to the results of someĀ 8th graders at another school that she did the study at. What a compliment!

We will finish up the essay tomorrow and have library day!

Homework: Make sure you took your quiz on Edmodo over poetry or turned in the paper copy to me today.

~Mrs. Finley

Monday, March 18, 2013

Today we reviewed poetry in class. This was a great refesher to help us brush up before our unitĀ test next week. Compacting students continued to work on their independent project that is due on Friday, March 22. Most of the students are done with their project or putting on the finishing touches.

Homework: Non-compacting students have a quiz on Edmodo to take due tomorrow. This is idential to the quiz we took today in class so it should be a piece of cake! I also gave a paper copy to the students that do not have Edmodo.

~Mrs. Finley

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Thursday! The students are excited about their 3-day weekend!

We continued to practice mood and tone in reading passages today. We discussed the poem “Sick” by Shel Silverstein and then looked at a short story. We discussed the mood and tone but also compared and contrasted the two.

2nd hour was ahead so I gave them a catch-up day today to finish up missing assignments.

I have 4 grades entered for the 4th quarter since we have had quite a few homework assignments the past few days. If the student does not have Edmodo I have been giving them a paper copy of the assignment. If your student received a 0 in the gradebook I made a note that they either have not turned in this assignment or that that was their actual grade on the assignment. I have also urged the students to get these turned in as soon as possible so that I can adjust their grade.

Compacting students do NOT have to do these homework assignments unless they want to. I have left it completely optional for them until they turn in their projects on Friday, March 22. After that date they will begin to have homework once again as they rejoin the class. If they did not do a homework assignment I have “exempted” them from the assignment so you should not see a grade.

If you have a facebook account consider “liking” the Edythe J. Hayes Library. This is a great way to learn about upcoming events at our school, e-books, etc.

There is no homework this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Finley

Thursday, March 13, 2013

Today we continued to discuss mood and tone in class through reading passages. Tomorrow will be the last day that we spend on mood and tone.

All classes have a homework assignment on Edmodo to take tonight. If they needed a paper copy they received that in class from me. This is due tomorrow!

~Mrs. Finley