I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day yesterday! I know a lot of the students went sledding and enjoyed it.

The students had their first Edmodo homework assignment on Tuesday. It is really great for me to be able to grade these from home and to give the students the instant feedback. A few students made some mistakes and so they are able to see my reply and quickly correct it before I even see them in class the next day! It is such a great tool and very helpful for the students and for me.

Yesterday was supposed to be our library day so we went today. Ms. Butler went over checking out e-books through the E.J. Hayes library. Students can create an account from the library website. Their barcode number is their Compass Learning number or their lunch number. They are then able to download books onto their device. We also spent some time looking at the song “Pictures to Burn” by Taylor Swift and discussing the mood and tone. Tomorrow we will look at some more song lyrics.

2nd, 5th & 7th hour homework: Take the 20 question figurative language quiz on Edmodo. I also gave out paper copies to students who do not have an account. This is due tomorrow.

~Mrs. Finley