The students (compacting and non-compacting) worked on an essay today in class. They used a different graphic organizer and answered a writing prompt as part of the UK research study. The students who turned in a permission slip will have their essays shared with the researcher. She came and sat in on class this morning during 1st hour and some of 2nd hour. She will give me the results of how the students are doing and I will share those with the students as well as send something home with them to share with you. She did say that she is very impressed with their writing skills already and that they are comparable to the results of some 8th graders at another school that she did the study at. What a compliment!

We will finish up the essay tomorrow and have library day!

Homework: Make sure you took your quiz on Edmodo over poetry or turned in the paper copy to me today.

~Mrs. Finley