Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! It was great to see so many happy and smiling faces today. The students looked like they were well rested and ready for this last stretch of the school year. I can’t believe that the school year is almost over!

There will be no compacting the next four weeks as we spend some time reviewing before KPREP. KPREP begins on Wednesday, May 8 for the students at EJHMS. Sixth graders are testing in Language Arts Reading, On-Demand Writing, and Math.

Today we discussed verbs in class. We talked about what their purpose was, how we use them, and then practiced identifying them in sentences. Homework tonight is for 2nd hour, 5th hour & 7th hour: Take the 10 question quiz on Edmodo. I also passed out a paper copy for those that could not get on Edmodo. This is due by tomorrow.

After we practiced defining and identifying verbs we then discussed stray or abandoned animals. We looked at an ad for ASPCA and talked about the purpose of the ad and how the ad persuaded us to donate money.

Tomorrow we will begin to read the story “Stray” about an abandoned dog. We will be discussing plot and theme. Later this week we will also be comparing and contrasting “Stray” to another short story.

Reminder: I will be taking the students to the book fair on Wednesday, April 10. You can also now purchase books through the website in the earlier post. A student must bring cash only to use at the book fair to make a purchase, however you can use your credit card online to purchase books or stop in the library to buy books for your student.

~Mrs. Finley