summer This last week of school is a bit of a whirlwind.

Today we are finishing our last essay as part of the study by UK. The students have worked hard and are finishing in class today.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we are going to the Louisville Zoo!

Wednesday we will continue to work on our argumentative writing piece about cloning. Students are writing about whether it is ethical or not to clone animals, people, etc.

Thursday we will finish working on our writing piece.

Friday is the last day. It is also 8th grade promotion. I know several students will be with their older siblings in the gym watching the promotion activities. We will have some end of the year activities going on in classrooms. Reminder: Students can purchase lunch from Mrs. Murray (she is ordering pizza) and get a slice of pizza, pop, and chips for $3.

I have really enjoyed teaching your students this school year! If you have not heard yet, I am moving up to 7th grade next year so I will probably have some of the students again! 🙂

Have a wonderful summer!

~Mrs. Finley