Happy Monday!

I woke up feeling awful so I was actually not at school today. Here is what the students did:

Today was our first library day of the school year. Mrs. Butler went over the library rules and the procedures with all of the students and then we were able to check-out books.

I have briefly discussed with the students that they will be required to read 2 books a month and give “book talks” to the whole class about the books that they read. They  can read any book that they are interested in. I will be checking in with students about their independent reading and see what books they choose. Studies have shown that in order to become a better reader we must continue to read. Therefore, as long as they are reading I am OK with whatever genre they want to read. I will be discussing with the students if I think they are reading books too easy for them or too hard. These kinds of books are okay to read, especially if they are appeal to the students interests, however they do need to try to pick books that are on their level to continue to become better readers.

Tomorrow I am sending home a Scholastic book order with the students. The students can place orders with me by filling out the form and bringing a check or you can simply shop online. The online selection is even bigger! Plus, when you place orders through Scholastic we get classroom points that I can use to then purchase books for our classroom library! The students spend a lot of time reading in this area when they finish their assigned work and can check-out books through me.  You can get to the Scholastic Store to order books for your student by clicking on the picture below:

Homework: Summer reading project due Tuesday, September 3!  Composition Notebook for class tomorrow!

~Mrs. Finley