Today I gave the students time to decorate their Interactive  Student Notebook (ISN).  I wanted to really give them a day or two to personalize their journal with things that they like or feel that represent them. This is one way that students begin to take more ownership of their notebook because they feel that it truly represents them so they are more likely to want to use it in class. Many students need a second day to finish these up so I will also give them tomorrow to finish. On Thursday we can then set-up the notebook with our table of contents, vocabulary section, page numbers, title, etc. so we are ready to go for the rest of the school year.

If you have any extra magazines at home that you do not want  feel free to send them in with your student. I could really use some extra sports and car magazines too!

A few students decided to take their notebooks home tonight to work on them at home. Please remind them to bring these back tomorrow because they will need it for class. They can also bring their own magazines and pictures tomorrow to finish this project in class.

Homework: Summer reading project is due September 3!

~Mrs. Finley