My goal today was for us to play a “survival game” as a class. The purpose of this activity was to let students work in their assigned groups and to then come together as a class to discuss some rules that we will need for group work to make things run smoothly. I explained to the students that throughout this school year they will be working with all sorts of different students and that to eliminate problems we needed to brainstorm some rules together. I thought the best way to do this would be to first give them a task where they had to work together (and really have fun with it!) and then come back together to discuss what worked well and what did not work well. This way it was really fresh in their memory and they did not have to recall events of past group activities.

It worked out really well! The students had a lot of fun today and it was interesting to hear their reasoning behind their choices in the game. It also gave me an opportunity to really observe the students working in groups and to see who some of my natural leaders are, who are some of my students that are better at compromising, etc. I also had the students reflect on this when they were done and they let me know who was a really great leader in their group, etc.

All classes were able to come up with some group rules that I will continue to come back to throughout the school year as students work with their groups on activities.

I hope everyone enjoys a fantastic 3 day weekend!

Homework: Summer reading project due September 3! (note: this is not for 2nd hour…yet! Ms. Hamlyn and I have not had the opportunity to discuss their project but will do so within the next week)

~Mrs. Finley