It is so nice to start the week off on a Tuesday! The kids seemed ready to go knowing that it was just a 4-day week.

2nd hour and 5th hour were in the lab to finish MAP testing. Overall, I am very pleased with how they have done. We did some goal setting for MAP last week before we tested. I had talked to the students about the possibility of dropping a few points simply because many students are not reading over the summer so they are not making progress. For the most part the students are staying the same with several students continue to make growth!

3rd hour and 7th hour finished up our book trailers. They are both testing the next two days. We talked about doing our best by not staying up late tonight and eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning.

They will also be selecting their independent Greek Mythology book with me for their unit of study this month. I have selected a few options for the students to choose from based on their testing information and lexile scores from all of last year. I then pulled books on lots of different levels for the students to choose from. We will officially begin our independent Greek Mythology unit and books next Monday! 🙂

Summer reading projects were due today.

I had a few students who approached me for the first time today and told me they didn’t have a computer or couldn’t type it. I discussed with them that they knew about this three weeks ago when I gave them the rubric and they could have worked with me  to type during lunch, come in early, type during an elective class, etc. Therefore, I am still holding them responsible and counting off since it was not typed. I know this sounds petty, however I do have to start being  a little tougher on them and holding them more accountable.

Homework: 2nd hour: Summer reading project due Friday, September 13.

3rd, 5th & 7th hour: 20 minutes of independent reading on your realistic fiction book.

Please note: This week there will be a flyer sent home with your student from the team. This includes lots of important information, such as upcoming picture day (September 19) and PTSA fundraiser due date (September 13). In addition there will be information from each subject area on what is going on in the classrooms! Please be on the lookout!

~Mrs. Finley