Good evening!

Today 3rd and 7th hour was MAP testing in the computer lab. Most of the students were able to finish although I will have to finish up the last few students in class.

2nd and 5th hour discussed some more realistic fictions books for our book talks at the end of the month. I feel that at this point most students have been able to identify some books that they can read to complete this project. 2nd hour will finish up our talk tomorrow.

All of the classes have now selected the greek mythology book that they would like to read in class. This is not to count as their realistic fiction independent book, but will be used in class to help further our understanding of greek mythology. I selected several books for each student to choose from loosely based off of their lexile levels and their interest. Each student then selected their top 3 choices and I will be compiling this information to get us started on Monday. We will be discussing figurative language, conflict, character traits, symbolism, theme, etc. using our greek mythology books. If a student finishes their assigned reading in class early for the day they may then read their independent reading book to prepare for their book talk. I expect students to carry this book back and forth and to have it with them at all times for each of their classes. I have talked to the other Lion team teachers and they know that they can do a book check at any time or ask the students to take out their book upon completing work.



2nd Hour: Summer reading essay is due Friday, September 13th.

3rd, 5th & 7th Hour: Read 20 minutes minimum on your realistic fiction book. Prepare for your book talk at the end of the month (remember, these are timed presentations! Make sure to look over your rubric!).


~Mrs. Finley