I have to begin by saying thank you to so many of you for purchasing a book for your student to read this month! It is wonderful to have so much support from home. I felt horrible telling a student that I did not have enough of their 1st book choice, however I gave the students the option of purchasing the book if they wanted to or we could go with their 2nd or even 3rd book choice. I would never make purchasing a book mandatory, however I can’t thank you enough for helping me make sure that all of the students were able to get their 1st book choice!

I am hoping to jump into reading workshop tomorrow, however we do need to go over a few more guidelines to go over to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible for the rest of the year. For example, I will be working with small groups of students so I need to talk to the students about what to do if they need help and I am not immediately available. Every student will be in a small group based on their needs in the classroom and content/strategies. Students groups can also change based on their needs so they may not always be in a small group with the same people.

We began our writing workshop today in class. This will also be similar to reading workshop, however right now we are still in the brainstorming process. We started brainstorming some ideas that we could write about for our own myth that we are going to create. I overheard lots of really interesting ideas that students are considering for their myth. I can ‘t wait to see their final products! As students begin to write their original myths I will begin to form groups based on their needs to help teach the writing content. For example, some students may need help with their introduction and hooking their reader while another group may have mastered this but need help with writing mechanics.

I will continue to share books with the students in class every day at the beginning of class. Today I shared more books that would fit in with our realistic fiction genre for the month. Unfortunately, we have not had an opportunity to visit the school library since the fourth day of school. MAP testing was taking place in the library so book check-out has not been allowed. Therefore, I have been visiting the library on my planning period and pulling books that I think students would enjoy and that fit the genre of the month. Many students have checked these library books out via me.

I also have a classroom library that students are free to check books out and they sign them in and out in a binder. Many have found books by visiting the classroom library as well. If you have any books or magazines your student no longer wants and you would like to donate them to our classroom library I would love to have them!



2nd hour: Summer reading essay due Friday!

All classes: Continue to read 20 minutes on your realistic fiction book. Our first book talk will be on Friday, September 27.


~Mrs. Finley