I wanted to apologize for not updating yesterday. I always try to blog daily to keep you up to date on what is happening in class and homework, but it completely slipped my mind yesterday.

Today in class we brainstormed some more for our narrative writing piece. The students had a lot of fun working on their own original myth. I can tell that some of these are going to be very humorous! I wanted the students to really picture their character that they were creating and to ensure that they stuck with the same facts about what the character looked like throughout their story. Therefore, today in class we spent some class time filling out a writing organizer all about our protagonist character. What he/she looks like from the clothing on their body to the color of their eyes. It was fun to see the students get really creative.

Tomorrow reading workshop will officially roll out. I was so pleased to hear the kids say, “Wait…you are going to give us time in class to read?” Yes!!! We are going to become a class of readers and discuss our books. I will continue to meet with students in small-groups and on an individual basis to work with them on their specific needs. They will apply the grade 7 standards to their in class book.

You will receive a phone call from one of the team members personally inviting you to open house by tomorrow. Open house will be on Tuesday, September 17 from 6:00-7:30. This is a wonderful opportunity to say hello to your students’ teachers (exploratory teachers and team teachers), get their midterm report and pick up their August MAP testing scores. There will also be an information session about MAP test scores that you can learn more about their scores. If you would like to meet with the team to discuss grades or any concerns we can also schedule a parent/teacher conference at this time. Students are also invited to attend and can do a scavenger hunt around the building.



2nd hour: Summer reading essay is due tomorrow!

All classes: Read 20 minutes on your realistic fiction book.


~Mrs. Finley