Today was our library day! I meant to remind students on Friday but we were really busy with starting reading workshop and it completely slipped my mind! We will continue to go every other Monday.

Mrs. Butler was really helpful in showing the students how to search the catalog for the school library. We have so many books available for them to read and sitting on the shelves. I will also continue to share books with the students that they can hopefully read. I know many are getting hooked on new series, such as The Alchemyst and The Maze Runner so hopefully I can find more books in a series to share with them! 🙂

We also discussed plagiarism today in class. This is something that I neglected to do before we had our first essay, however many students are already aware of what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.


All classes need to read 20 minutes to prepare for their realistic fiction book talk on Friday, September 27!

All classes need to answer the following questions that are due tomorrow:

  • Define plagiarism.
  • What are 3 consequences that you can receive if you plagiarize?
  • What are some ways we can avoid plagiarism but still use the internet, articles, books, etc.? (i.e. How can you cite sources appropriately?)


~Mrs. Finley